How to choose the correct type of granite kitchen cabinet countertops

Granite is a fantastic choice for cabinet countertops in your kitchen, as it is hard wearing, attractive and is available in a variety of different colours and finishes. Below are a few things that you need to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets granite countertops.

Cabinet Color Choice

When choosing your granite, you need to think of what colours would complement your kitchen cabinets, as well as fixtures and fittings. Popular colours for the kitchen include those of black, white, cream, blue and red. White is an obvious choice for most kitchens but pure white granite is hard to come by. Most are available with specks of other colours, which can be chosen to complement the accessories within your kitchen. Another obvious choice is that of black or grey, which is best suited for the contemporary looking kitchen. There is however no rule when it comes down to choosing colour as it all depends upon personal choice.

The size of your kitchen also plays a role in the colour choice that you choose. Smaller kitchens are best paired with lighter colours while larger kitchens can get away with dark and bold colours.


It is also important to choose the correct finish for your kitchen. Granite is available in a matte or glossy finish and this can affect how the colour looks when light shines on it. Matte finishes give a more softer feel to the stone, wile glossy gives a more dramatic look. The advise here is that when choosing your kitchen cabinets granite countertops, always take a sample home with you so that you can see how it will look before you buy.

When choosing your kitchen cabinets granite countertops always physically touch the granite and see how it looks in your kitchen before you make your final decision.